Supporting Women’s Causes

Eliminate Cancer

Will you be the one in three women diagnosed with some form of cancer during your lifetime? If not, you will likely know her. She may be your friend, neighbor, mother, sister or even your daughter. With your support, The Mary Kay Foundation is dedicated to eliminating cancers affecting women.

End Domestic Violence

Home should be a safe haven. Unfortunately, the homes of thousands of women and children are plagued by domestic violence. With your help, The Mary Kay Foundation is committed to stopping the violence, breaking the silence and making a difference for these women and children.

Did you know…

One in four women in the United States will experience abuse. Mary Kay puts faces behind this heartbreaking reality through the stories of four real domestic violence survivors who overcame abusive relationships. The women featured in the film prove that abuse can happen to anyone but there is always hope for a new life.

Join us and #DontLookAway from abuse.