Patty’s Fight Squad

Mar 9, 2020 | MK5K Participant Stories

Why We Run the MK5K

My name is Sandie Huber and I have participated in the MK5K every year!

We are honoring our friend Patty Bogle who passed away from breast cancer on November 23, 2019. She was an amazing woman who, in addition to working at an Oral Surgeon’s Office, was a wonderful Mary Kay Consultant in our unit. She had discovered a lump in her breast over two years ago and, after two lumpectomies, made the difficult decision to have a double mastectomy.

She was told she was cancer free, so when the cancer returned two years later as Stage 4 breast cancer in her bones, it was shocking. She fought hard. Of course she wanted to live; her family was her heart, and she didn’t want to leave them. She has her husband Tim, three adult children, nine grandchildren, her mom, her sister, and many, many friends. Patty loved the Mary Kay Foundation℠ and everything it stands for.

We love & miss Patty Bogle. Friends like her come around once in a lifetime, and we will always cherish and honor her memory.

We Appreciate the MK5K

We appreciate the Sisterhood and how The Mary KayFoundation℠ works all year to raise money to help women. She supported it and attended the MK5K every year.