About TMKF


To date, The Mary Kay Foundation has awarded more nearly 74 million to cancer researchers at accredited medical schools and schools of public health, and to shelters and programs addressing domestic violence prevention. Mary Kay Ash was committed to women’s causes, and she said, “I want women to have every single thing God intended us to have.” You can HELP NOW… with your donation as we uphold Mary Kay Ash’s legacy of love… to make a difference in the lives of women across the nation.

Did you know about One in Four? Watch this short video to learn more.  One in Four

  • Mary Kay Inc. earned first place at the 7th annual Boston College Corporate Citizenship Film Festival. The company’s “One in Four” domestic violence prevention video (which was first unveiled at Leadership Conference) secured a spot as a top 10 finalist before a panel of industry experts chose it as one of two first place winning videos. Learn more here.
  • The U.S. Department of Justice honored Mary Kay Inc. for its long-term commitment to preventing and ending domestic violence during the National Crime Victims’ Rights Service Awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. Learn more here.
  • Mary Kay is redefining what it means to “man up” through the release of a new video encouraging men to be positive role models. We would love for you to share with the men in your life! Here’s how we shared it on facebook
    • Mary Kay is redefining what it means to #ManUp in today’s society. By asking young men to respect women, be a good example and a leader in their community we hope to end the statistic that 1 in 4 women will experience abuse in their lifetime. Join us and #DontLookAway from abuse. https://youtu.be/YYeAWWC8qI0