2020 MK5K

Highlights and Sponsors


Because of the support from you and the local community, in 2020, we sent The Mary Kay Foundation $30,000.

Image of the MK5K team holding a $30,000 check to donate to The Mary Kay Foundation

We Raised $30,000 for
The Mary Kay Foundation

We are very excited to announce that this year we are presenting $30,000 to The Mary Kay Foundation. We pray it is a blessing to all of the grant recipients and all the lives that are blessed because of the good work that is done to make a difference for these great causes. You are literally saving lives when you go out and run or walk for the MK5K. Between the domestic violence shelter grants and the cancer research grants, this donation is making a huge impact for many families across the globe.

We Reached Our Goal!

Our goal was to raise enough funds to reach the benchmark of $100,000 cumulatively since our first year in 2015. We did it!

2015- $9,500

2017- $18,000

2018- $23,000

2019- $21,000

2020- $30,000

TOTAL $101,500

2020 Participant Memories

2020 Largest Teams


Crunch Cares


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Power in Pink


Evans Executives


Can Do Crew & Studio Pink RC & Walking Warriors


Thank You To Our 2020 Partners

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We couldn’t do it without our sponsors and community partners. Thank you to each of you for your selfless support of guidance, services and financial donations.